Bombay Sapphire reimagines Cocktail Hour

Bombay Sapphire reimagines Cocktail Hour

Leveraging the hype and excitement around the release of The Great Gatsby movie, we aimed to inspire Bombay Sapphire’s target consumers to entertain in a Roaring Twenties fashion, including a return to classic cocktails made with Bombay Sapphire Gin. By connecting Bombay Sapphire to Cocktail Hour, the team was able to create an occasion that is synonymous with mixed drinks in an effort to increase consumption during this time and help drive on-premise and in-store sales for the brand.


The Ask

  • Position Bombay Sapphire as the summer spirit of choice by encouraging Canadians to readopt Cocktail Hour, the perfect occasion for your favourite gin-based drink
  • Generate 15 million media impression in an effort to keep Bombay Sapphire top of mind during the summer season


What we did

  • Bombay Sapphire Master Mixologist Raj Nagra partnered with acclaimed Toronto Chef, Cory Vitiello, to throw the ultimate “How-To” Cocktail Hour party for media where media had the opportunity to sample three (3) hors d’oeuvres/canapés created by Cory along with delicious paired Bombay Sapphire cocktails created by Raj
  • During their demonstrations, Raj and Cory provided media with quick Cocktail and Cuisine Pairing 101 and Mixology 101 lessons to arm them with tips and tricks for cocktail success.
  • To create national awareness and secure coverage from coast to coast, the team launched a national media relations campaign targeting food, drink and lifestyle reporters.
    • A press release was distributed across the national newswire that included the cocktail and cuisine pairing recipes and a link to the corresponding photos



  • Over 60 pieces of coverage for a reach of more than 28 million impressions


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  • Web
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