Building our Future, Protecting our Coast

Building our Future, Protecting our Coast

The Ask

Citizen Relations was chosen as the agency to launch a very ambitious project: a $15 billion refinery on the north coast of B.C.

What we did

After conducting an exhaustive audit of the political & stakeholder landscape surrounding resource extraction projects in Canada, Citizen strategically positioned the organization behind this project – the Pacific Future Energy Corporation (PFEC) – in opposition to charged projects like the Northern Gateway or Keystone XL.

By stressing the lower risk of its refined product (as compared to bitumen), its innovative near-net-zero emission design and its development in full partnership with Canada’s First Nations, Citizen created a narrative where PFEC, the ‘greenest refinery in the world’, was an ethical and sustainable alternative to ‘rip-and-ship’ extraction, where resources are instead used to build up and protect Canada.


Citizen handled all aspects of the launch and ongoing corporate profiling initiatives. From the project launch in 2014 to the present, PFEC has had a continual presence in Canada’s financial media, as well as international coverage in international trade media, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal.

To date, Citizen has secured 253 pieces of coverage throughout Canadian and international business media, for a total of 120,516,678 media impressions.