High School Graduation Season 2013

High School Graduation Season 2013

We brought startling statistics regarding increased high school dropout rates in certain neighbourhoods to the forefront of Canadians’ minds during graduation season, and positioned Pathways to Education as the most outstanding solution to the causal issues facing youth in some areas. 


The Ask

  • Raise awareness of extreme high school dropout rates that plague pockets of the country, as well as their root causes.
  • Generate earned media for Pathways to Education, positioning it as an effective solution to issues plaguing youth in marginalized communities, in an effort to drive donations and government support.


What we did

  • Developed a survey measuring Canadian beliefs on social issues, the education system and high school dropout rates in different communities.
  • Capitalized on existing media interest in the graduation season to raise awareness of startling statistics regarding high dropout rates in low-income neighbourhoods, and the underlying issues.
  • Conducted media relations to secure interviews for the President and CEO of Pathways, as well as a successful Pathways alumnus, to position Pathways as a top provider of solutions to problems facing marginalized communities.



  • Successfully raised awareness of high dropout rates in some communities and the issues causing them, while also positioning Pathways as an outstanding innovator in its pursuit to solve some of the underlying issues.
  • Secured coverage on major Tier-A broadcast shows, including CanadaAM and CBC Radio One, and generated more than 6 million media impressions.


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