IKEA People & Planet Positive

IKEA People & Planet Positive

IKEA is a corporate leader in sustainability. As part of their strategy, IKEA aims to create a better everyday life for people worldwide, while creating a kinder, greener planet. One of these goals is to be completely energy independent by 2020. Through a series of integrated communications campaigns, Citizen worked with IKEA Canada on initiatives to improve the daily lives of Canadians, those living abroad, and our environmental.

The Ask

  • Position IKEA Canada as a leader in the CSR space
  • Support fundraising initiatives to improve the lives of children in the developing world
  • Launch clean energy programs that are unique to the Canadian market
  • Engage Canadian consumers to help make a difference

What we did

  • Worked with IKEA to develop a strategic plan for sustained initiatives throughout the year
  • Partnered with not-for profits including UNICEF and Save the Children to support the Soft Toys for Education campaign
  • Launched the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency to provide sustainable energy to many of the 10.5 million people living in refugee camps worldwide
  • Worked with Alberta government officials, Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens to announce the largest wind farm purchase by a Canadian retailer
  • Seeded the wind farm story in advance with media and secured two unique stories in the Globe and Mail
  • Outreach to energy and sustainability reporters to extend campaign and create a larger story surrounding IKEA’s People & Planet Positive message


  • Contributed to IKEA Canada’s audience circulation of over 1.5 billion in 2013
  • Through heightened awareness, Canadian customers contributed over $500,000 to the global Soft Toys for Education campaign
  • Generated more than 32 million impressions through 186 stories surrounding IKEA’s Alberta Wind Farm purchase
  • The wind farm now accounts for 60 per cent of IKEA’s North American energy needs, bringing the goal of energy independence by 2020 into sight



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