Twitter Partying with Canadian Egg Farmers

Twitter Partying with Canadian Egg Farmers

To generate awareness, support and understanding around the system of supply management – the system that manages the supply of eggs, dairy and poultry – Egg Farmers of Canada worked with Citizen Optimum to create a series of compelling, interesting Twitter Parties about fresh, local Canadian eggs.


The Ask

  • Engage consumers in a conversation about eggs, while integrating relevant, easy-to-understand messages around supply management.
  • Generate understanding and support for the system of supply management in a real, authentic way.

What we did

  • Hosted two Twitter parties focused on eggs – one in July and one in October
  • The first party used a local egg farmer as the host, and leveraged a well-known influencer, Lena Almeida, as the host
  • The second party capitalized on World Egg Day as a special event driving the conversation
  • As part of the World Egg Day, we also unveiled a special video during the chat featuring an egg farming family from PEI
  • The party was promoted in advance across various social platforms – blogs, Twitter and Facebook – to drive awareness and RSVPs
  • Unique, creative graphics were designed to encourage social sharing


  • The first chat – the first ever for Egg Farmers of Canada – generated a reach of more than 11M. It was also the #1 trending topic in Canada for almost a full hour, ahead of Justin Beiber!
  • The second party generated a reach of 7.4M
  • Combined, both Twitter Parties generated more than 7,700 tweets related to Canadian Eggs


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